Monday, February 15, 2010

They are 5!

My girls are 5!  Time is falling away and they are little ladies now.  I can't believe they are not the tiny little twins I just brought home from the hosptital what feels like yesterday.  They had a fabulous birthday week.  We started celebrating their birthday as a family on their actual birthday.  The next day we had a friend party.  We made it a theme of circles, because five is a round number?!  OK so really because I found some cute polka dots!  We played musical chairs and the kids were so fun to watch it was all giggles and good memories.  It was a memory I want to keep forever.  They were so happy!  The next day a friend who was away for the party brought over a gift from Florida, flamingos, stuffed of course.  The next day we celebrated with some family.  The next three days were all about preparing for valentine's day.  Then Sunday we celebrated their birthday again with more family.  These girls were so spoiled.  They (and me too!) are so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that love them.

Thanks for all those who helped make this the best birthday ever.

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