Thursday, February 11, 2010

The girlies are five!

Haylie and Hannah celebrated their 5th birthday. I can not believe how fast time flies. It feels like for the first 8 years of our marriage it was like a checklist. Baby one: done, baby 2 done:, buy a house done, baby 3...and get the idea. It has been a neat experience having planned Jackson as our last one. I think I get to change my focus from the next goal to really enjoying the moment with these wonderful kid-lets.

On to Haylie and Hannah, my easy going, happy twins. It is so very hard to make sure they are individuals. They are twins that makes them special as a package, yet they are special as individuals as well. I try not to compare but it is pretty much impossible, since I do it between all the other kiddos too. With twins though it is like a science project, always analyzing the data, to see how they are different and how they are the same.

For Christmas Haylie wanted a Barbie and Hannah wanted a baby doll. We went out shopping with both of them and they each got to pick out an outfit, a book, and a toy. Each thing was a little different. They did get similar shirts but Haylie went for the jeans and Hannah went for so super cute olive green pants. We are heading into the last six months of having them home with me. Starting in August they will be at school for 3 hours a day. I will only have two kids at home which hasn't happened since the twins were born.

As I said before, these girls are always happy...well almost always. I think this is why when they are sad they typically get what they want, they are just pathetic when they are sad. I love these precious girls and what they have added to our family. I was looking at they mostly incomplete baby scrapbook with them and was reminded that when we found out there were two babies Miranda said "One for me and one for Logan." The girls play well together, but they also play well individually with who ever is available and willing.

Haylie knows 95% of her letters by sight, so I won't be suprised if she is reading soon. She is one who you can't tell when she is feeling terrible. She looked like she had a sour face and I asked if she felt fine, she quickly smiled and said yes, immediately following that sweet smile she tossed her cookies. I think fine may be a word used quite frequently in her vocabulary, I will have to watch her.

Hannah on the other hand is a people person, typically not shy, and can speak quite a bit clearer then Haylie. That is how a lot of people tell them apart. If they can't understand one they know it is Haylie. Which is also very funny, Hannah never has a problem understanding her. Enough about boring details...

Today we had some of their preschool friends over to celebrate their birthday. I have never had a friend birthday for them for a few reasons but the main one is that they are twins who have the same friends. So how do you choose who invites who? Or do you say no gifts please! What about come to their party and here's pressure to spend money on two kids at one time and it isn't even Christmas.

I bit the bullet and did it. It was very low key but the memories for me where priceless. We played musical chairs. As the music was playing and several soon to be 5 year olds danced around the chair giggling without a care in the world, it just confirmed that this is what a party should be about. It was perfect. I hope the memory for the girls will be just as amazing.

It started out with nothing, then I decided to make party hats. I figured I would make them white and the kids can decorate them. I would add a "5" medallion (a circle with the number five) to the front. Then I figured I could print out some hats already decorated then I decided it needed some more and came up with this cute little number.

The only thing the girls requested was making donuts using the Dough-nu-matic. They see it everyday in the garage. I realized we have a theme, circles! From there I came up with M&M's as party favors and then bagel bites and grapes for lunch then of course cupcakes for dessert. As I was talking to the kids as to what activities to do they came up with musical chairs and duck duck goose. I thought it was brilliant. That is what we did. First all the party animals got to help make the dough, then we tried watching the donut maker do it's thing. I messed up on the dough consistency so we ended up with dough-noodles. Fortunately most of the kids stil thought they were tasty. Lucky for me it was the only flop. Everything else was perfect. We had enough activities and change of pace things that the crew never gor bored.

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