Monday, February 22, 2010


I asked my mother-in-law if I could read her People magazine when she was done. I was interested in reading an article about the Duggar family whose 19th child was born at 25 weeks and is in the hospital.  So yesterday I got to read the article and with temptation so strong I read the rest of the magazine too.  Is there any gossip that is better than the celebrity kind?  I mean if I liked gossip of course!?  Logan was reading over my shoulder as I came across two funny pictures.  The first one was a print ad for kitty litter.
Logan was laughing so hard.  The sound of the uncontrollable laughter followed by him taking the magazine out of my hands, saying "Miranda, look at this!  Ha-hah-ha-hahaha!"    After I was done he actually carried the magazine around and kept laughing everytime he looked at it.  He also made sure everyone in the house got to see it as well.

The second picture is not quite as funny:
Logan looked at this picture, with confusion on his face he said "Mom, that's weird.  Why is he wearing girl clothes?  I mean his shirt is all sparkly and tight."  Obviously my son has no appreciation for costuming and figure skating!  Or sparkly men, he probably wouldn't like Twilight...humph!

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