Sunday, February 22, 2009

What do girls like?

One of the girls favortie movie is Barbie and The Diamond Castle. We love all the Barbie movies but this is my favorite.

You can find the real soundtrack here. For their birthday Haylie and Hannah gpt the Soundtrack. They absolutely love it. Their favorite thing to do is to sing and dance. I got this video with a few different songs I love it. I love that our kids love music whether they are dancing or just listening. I look forward to the time when they can share that passion through choir or band.


Alice said...

I babysat a girl who liked those barbie movies. They freak me out.

Gie Bergmill said...

How darling. I bet you were dancing along too as soon as you put the camera down.

Janelle said...

I need to get that Barbie movie. My girls love them too.

Staci said...

Oh we know this movie all too well. Kera got this movie for her birthday in Jan and she would watch it several times a day. She isn't watching it quite so much now, but loves to sing all of those songs. She sings and dances along too and it's too cute. I should get my camera out sometime too.

Nicole said...

Cute! I have seen this movie way too many times. I had no idea there was a soundtrack. Catherine would LOVE that.

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