Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lots of updates...

February 1st was the day Jackson was blessed. We didn't take too many pictures, actually we only took one.

Jeremy gave our little caboose a beautiful blessing. The people in the circle with Jeremy were great friends. We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by so many people who will be a part of our lives and a good example to Jackson. In the circle there was, President Score, Bishop Lopez, Uncle Chris, Rossi, Tim, and Matt.

I took Lauren for her 18 month check-up, it's late and I was pre-occupied. She weighs 24lbs, that's the 30th percentile for her age. For her height she was in the 95th percentile at 34.75" tall. She still is our lollipop, tall, skinny with a beautifully round head.

Logan lost his second tooth, it's been loose since September! While rinsing it off in the sink it went down the drain. Brave Aunt Tamra dug through grossness to no avail, the tooth is gone. 1 week later and the silly tooth fairy has still not come even though there has been a note explaining the situation. The fairy needs to be fired.

Haylie and Hannah turned 4 yesterday. We began celebrating by getting traditional birthday donuts and dancing to Happy Birthday from the Splash Dance CD. We ended the day by going to Mimi's for dinner. Just the 8 of us, and it was enjoyable and the kids were awesome. After we came home and watched Igor. The girls opened a few presents but will get their big presents tomorrow when we celebrate with family. If I get some time I will put together a video to the Happy Birthday song. It's really catchy.

And just for kicks since most people only put the good stuff on blogs I will share a good story about me. Today as I was leaving for church with Jackson in arms I slipped on a hanger that was haphazardly lying in the hallway. We were both unharmed, with the exception of my ego. I picked up the hanger and threw it down the hall, it broke. I then lectured the kids on why they need to put stuff away. Seriously folks I am a klutz with out the help of objects. So we get home from church (yes to be spiritually uplifted and all that jazz) and the kids are to finish cleaning up the mess they made before church (it is amazing what two hours with out dad at home can do to a house!) So Logan comes out to show Jeremy a broken hanger, he threw it in his room. Jeremy said, where did you learn that? Logan's mumbled response "from mom!" To defend my self a little the kids were in the car when I threw the hanger so it was not in anyway directed at them. They just happened to be looking at me threw the windshield! Maybe this is where Lauren has learned to throw fits?!

With that I am signing off until next time when I have something worth while to share. And for kicks one last picture of my beautiful girls.


Cory and Becca said...

your kids seriously are adorable, and that tantrum video was so lucky she is that she had all her older siblings to work patience through her parents before she came along :)
hope you are doing good! :)

The State of Our Family said...

What a hoot! My favorite line is how you say, "JUST the 8 of us" as though that were a tiny amount. We are planning to come through Northern CA on our way out to Fiji at the end of June. Hopefully we'll have a chance to catch up then!

Heather Porter said...

I love reading your blog April :) I had to write because I can relate to the tooth fairy problem! She is so flaky at our house too!

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