Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One already...

One month that is! Can you believe it? Jackson was one month on the 8th of February, it kind of got overshadowed by the twins birthday but that's OK. Jackson seems to be thriving. He is suffering through the acne/hair loss/cradle cap syndrome. It is getting better. It is like living through three stages of life at once: cradle cap=newborn, acne=puberty, and hair loss=senior living! Poor kid. He is still adorable and is smiling now, especially when I finally get the hint to change his diaper. He is fairly low maintenance as long as he is nursing and I am holding him, it works out well because it gives me a justifiable excuse to read! We have been able to have lots of home cooked meals and maintain some family fun as well. I am sure it won't feel this way everyday all the time, but this is a good time in my life. I look forward to the next stage as well.

Words are great but pictures are so much better. Here are some recent snap shots.

We have two presents that we haven't given from Christmas time. They have now both been un-wrapped by Lauren. Who decided to congratulate herself by eating a Go-gurt, well trying anyways, she hasn't managed to open those yet. That is probably on the agenda for next week. She is extremely smart or busy. On Sunday I just went to the bathroom and to change out of my church clothes. Do you want to know where Lauren was? She got three DVD's put one in the DVD player and was getting ready to put two in to our CD changer. After feeding Jackson I come in to the family room and she is at the computer with the keyboard pulled out and the monitor turned on. I know mimicking is part of a developmental stage of childhood, but seriously there should be a limit that she can show me only a few of my faults not all of them.

This is my most relaxing time of the day. When she is asleep! As much of a little turkey she is, I can't help but love her to pieces. She is the whole package: personality, energy, cuteness, and loves to snuggle. How can you resist such a combo?


Lacy said...

We are experiencing the cradle cap/acne/hair loss right now as well! Jackson is sure cute, I can't wait for him and Nolan to be buds.

Christina said...

Cute Pictures! Have you tried freezing the Go-gurts an then eating them? My kids think they're getting a wonderful snack when we pull out the frozen go-gurts.

Jackson is adorable.

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