Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wii are family

So we have had a busy few weeks of adjustment. I am proud to say we have joined the craze of about every other average and not average American family and are now proud owners of a Wii. I think Jeremy got tired of me asking for one and telling everyone that he doesn't want video games in our house. Great Grandma June gives everyone money for Christmas so we (just our household) pooled all our money and bought one. Wa-Hoo! We got it all set up yesterday. Everyone got to try it out. After the kids went to bed Jeremy and I tried our hand at tennis then bowling. It was like a date. Funny thing is that our score looked very similar to what it would be had we actually went bowling. It is a whole ton of fun. I look forward to the family fun time we get to have.

What games are a must have? Looking for suggestions, especially ones that Haylie, Hannah and Miranda would like, they have birthdays coming up real soon!


Erin said...

We joined the Wii Family this Christmas. My inlaws got the console for us as a family gift along with some games.

We haven't made it around to playing all the games but here's what we have:

Wii Sports, Wii Fit (hubby & I mainly do this one), Thrillville: Off The Rails (think Rollercoaster Tycoon), MarioKart Wii (we only have 2 remotes right now so we can't all compete but we love it), MarioParty 8 (this is good alone or in a group), Carnival Games, Raving Rabids: TV Party (hubby had to have this one since you can "play with your butt" if you have the Wii balance board), Game Party 2 (has 11 games on it), Wii Play (we partly bought this because it comes with a remote) and Wii Music (haven't tried it yet).

We mainly wanted to have games that you had to get up and move with as my stepson does too much exercising of only his thumbs when he's not with us. The kids in our family are 14, almost 12 and 38 (that would be hubby).

We have gone to setting time limits on a session so as not to spend all day on it. We have been spending more time on it right now though due to our weather conditions.

Corrie said...

Mario Kart Wii, my girls LOVE it! We Ski is fun but a litle advanced but the twins are Emilee's age and she plays it just fine. Playground is fun. Enjoy your Wii! I got mine for Mother's Day, if you don't have a Wii Fit, it's worth it! The whole family can use it. My girls like the games not because they are actually exercising.

Gie Bergmill said...

Dance Dance revolution! Rock Band! Mario Cart!

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