Monday, January 05, 2009

The change...

Most of you think that the change I am referring to is that we are now a family of 8. That will be the NEXT change but not the one I am referring to. At church Jeremy has served for the last almost three years as Elder's Quorum President. Which means he "over sees" all men 18 and over, until they are High Priests (generally the older people but it isn't by age), along with the families that it encompasses. He has truly enjoyed it and I have supported him with mostly a supportive attitude. There have been a few late night calls, lots of moves (in and out), meetings, confidential stuff, as well as some fun stuff too. Last Sunday Jeremy and I were asked to meet with our Stake President. (In our church you have a Bishopric that consists of a Bishop and two counselors, they oversee the whole ward, then there is the Stake Presidency which consists of the Stake President and his two counselors, they over see several wards, then it goes on from there in a similar manner, up until the General Presidency which consists of the President of the Church and his two counselors. They "over see" the whole church world wide. Right now it is President Thomas S. Monson with Henry B. Eyering and Dieter F. Uchtdorf who serve as his counselors. In each presidency the Bishop or President do the main duties while his counselors are mainly there as support. Now back to the change, I just thought this might be helpful if you don't understand the structure of the LDS church) So we got called in by our stake president, I knew I was safe but also was aware of some changes happening in the stake presidency as well as our ward's Bishopric. I looked at Jeremy and knew it was a meeting I wasn't going to be thrilled about, I am still very selfish. Jeremy was asked to be the second counselor in our Bishopric. He kept his smile and I smiled as tears over flowed. Need I remind you I am very pregnant. I said I will support him and I will. So this Sunday he was called and sustained, so not only am I married to a Counselor in the Bishopric but a High Priest, one of the OLD guys. I am too young for that! With all that being said this isn't about me it is about Jeremy. I am excited for the growth that will come for him and the spiritual strength his is for me (I know it is always about me), my family and for those around him. He really is a good guy and I am proud to be his wife, in a humble way of course! I have been told that being a counselor in the Bishopric is a "walk in the park" compared to Elder's Quorum President so that was a relief. The biggest thing is that he has a couple extra Sunday meetings and he won't be able to sit with us during our first meeting at church. I am blessed that we are in the ward with Jeremy's mom and brother so I will not be alone taking care of our kids (AKA keeping them quiet). We have already had lots of people offer to help as needed. We are abundantly blessed by the amount of people who adore our family and are willing to help out. I can't tell you how good that feels to be surrounded by such good people.


smith scratch said...

You are too cute all ready to pop! I love all of the kids and your belly, what a priceless photo. I wish you all the luck you will need to keep all of your little ones quiet in church, I will save you a seat in the foyer if it doesn't work out. :]
Congrats on Jeremy's new calling. ;]
I always say that with each child there is an amazing blessing given, no wonder you are SO blessed.
Oh, and we also cannot wait to meet the newest addition, how exhausting and exciting it must be for you.

Christina said...

I'm sure you'll be fine -- Jeremy will do great and you'll be blessed by his service.

Dina said...

Congratulations on being so close to meeting your little guy!

My DH was called as the 2nd counselor the 1st of Sept.....I'm still waiting for that "walk in the park!" :) I think it really depends on the personality of your Bishop. Ours likes to meet, and meet, and meet some more! It also depends on if he's over primary or YW. Primary staffing is a never ending issue! Hopefully they will be kind to your husband because you have such a young family. It is a blessing in so many ways--just time consuming!

K said...

Best wishes to you!

naocas said...

Congrats on Jeremy's calling. I'll let Max know - I'm sure he'll be excited.

I love the last dr.'s appointment post. I started laughing so hard when you explained the fall (once I realized you were not hurt) because that sounds like something I would do!

An early congrats on baby Jackson coming tomorrow! I can't wait to see pics.

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