Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I love Curlz

Last night I decided to give the girls a bath since the mornings are getting a little tight for time. I motivated them by putting sponge curlers in their hair. It was a first for Haylie and Hannah. This morning I took Miranda's curlers out and most of her hair went flat right away. The girl has lots of hair. So hers didn't work out so well. I took Haylie's out first then pulled the curls down, it seriously looked like a really bad perm. It was so frizzy at the ends. Then Hannah's I just took the curlers out and left it. I worked Haylie's curls a little so it looked a little less fizzy. Here are some pictures. Hannah is first since that is what both heads looked like pre-running my fingers through it.
I didn't take any of Miranda because she was at school, plus it was mostly straight anyways with a few stubborn curls. I may take a few pictures later when and if the curls relax a little.

This is 18 months ago, so the girls were a bit over two. They had beautiful little curls. Then they started growing up! Now they have natural ringlets...immediately after a bath!

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