Monday, January 05, 2009

Baby's Location

I had my appointment this morning, so as you can tell baby is still enjoying his little suite for a couple more days. I am dilated to 3cm, 50% effaced with a favorable cervix. Baby is definitely head down. So we are looking good. He thinks the baby is on the normal size. In my memory he may have used the word small but that could just be what I wanted to hear. He did some stretching and WOWZA! that didn't feel too good. Jeremy said it was like watching a guy get kicked in a tender place. (He was near my head). The nice doctor asked if I had a date in mind, and said I could easily go another 5-10 days. I looked at Jeremy for a date request, he said "waiting is not in her vocabulary right now" so I said Wednesday or Thursday. He came back and I have an appointment with pitocin on Thursday at about 7:30, given they have room for me. So we will get to meet our baby boy real soon!

I do have a funny story though. When we pulled into the parking garage at the hospital it was backed up and I had two minutes until my appointment. Jeremy suggested I get out so he could park and I would still be on time. I got out of the car and waited for a couple of cars then a nice lady waved me across. I was SUPPOSED to step over the cub but my toe caught it. From previous experience I learned it hurts less if you don't try to catch yourself. As Jeremy was watching in his rear view mirror I disappeared. The nice lady opened her door as I slowly got up I tried to catch her before she got out of her car, but she made sure I was OK. I smiled trying not to cry out of embarrassment. It only hurt my pride, my knees are a little skinned up and my hand has a little rock in it but my jeans held up great. So there you have it. There were a few witnesses but I think most people were annoyed with the already congested garage and didn't notice, phew!

When the doctor walked in he asked how our holidays went, we told him we had the flu, it was a little rough but good. Having forgot that conversation, when he left he shook Jeremy's hand and said "Sorry about the diarrhea." Then walked out. Jeremy looked at me confused and the first think I thought of was that stretching causes that to happen or maybe I made a mess. Jeremy was thinking he made a mess or that he really shouldn't have shook the doctor's hand. He then looked at me and I put it together with the previous conversation. It was a real quick passing of thoughts but it made us laugh none the less.


Ranel said...

Come on Baby Jackson!!! so maybe he will be here on Thur 01/08 if you go fast or for sure by Friday 01/09 which is Sammy's Birthday.

How exciting!

Lv-U Mom

Hayley said...

Woo- Hoo!! Congratulations on a date that is so soon. I am so happy to hear that we get to meet your next cutie so soon. Good Luck. Enjoy the Nap!!

Lacy said...

Oh I am so jealous that you have a date!! I can't believe how soon it already is...I wonder what you are doing today, knowing that you have less than 24 hours left of being a mom to only 5 kids? I laughed when I saw your widget that says "Baby is 4 days old." Classic!

congrats (I think) to Jeremy on his new calling. He (and you) will do excellent and be very blessed because of it!! :)

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