Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drive-Thru Thursday

When we had a change in our Bishopric, the former Bishop's wife talked about Tuesday meeting nights. Since he had meetings that night she got out of cooking dinner and they created Taco (Bell) Tuesday. Miranda picked up on that right away. When Jeremy got called into the bishopric it meant that he had meetings/visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as Sundays. Miranda got excited and exclaimed "now we have Taco Tuesday!" Since the time on Thursday is a little earlier we decided to instill Drive-Thru Thursday, we didn't want to be limited to tacos, ha-ha!

So here's to Thursday and me not cooking. It is lousy timing when I am trying to loose baby weight, oh well. I guess I may have to get Wii Fit to balance out the fast food! Besides it is for the betterment of our family.


Rebecca & Jeff said...

I LOVED Taco Bell Tuesday! And Drive-Thru Thrusday sounds equally as nice! Hope the adjustment is going well for you and the kids.

Linda Doll said...

April - having been gone these past 3 weeks I feel like I am so out of the loop when it comes to ward news. Congratulations on your newest family addition - Jackson is absolutely beautiful! I can truly empathize with the challenges your 6th has brought to your life, especially when coupled with Jeremy's new calling. But, as I have observed your family over the past few years, I can also see that Jeremy's calling was inspired, not only because of what he will contribute to the Bishopric, but also because of the wonderful support system he has in YOU! And if it takes 2 Taco nights a week to help ease your load in the beginning, do it! :-)

smith scratch said...

How fun. I can totally imagine your whole family playing together.

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