Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Due Date to Celebrate

This is a first, not that I am passing a due date, that is the standard procedure for me. We did actually have a busy day and ended with a date.

I started out the day with a nice breakfast with the family, then went to a friend's baby shower, I guess this kid didn't want me to miss the celebration of his friend! Then we went to Costco as a family. Came home, and I cooked the kids dinner. Then Mom J. came over and watched the kids so Jeremy and I could go out on a final date before this little boy joins our family outside the womb. We went to Guadalajara Grill. I was tempted to drink the spicy salsa to see if it would help with labor. I figured it would be inappropriate. The we went to see the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey. It was good but had a couple parts (one mostly) that grossed me out enough to worry about the rest of the film. I wouldn't recommend it. It was a first that we went out on a date when I was 40 weeks pregnant. Yeah!

Monday we have a doctor's appointment and then hopefully I will have an ending date. Or at least some more hope that this will not be a 41+ week pregnancy. Here are a couple of pictures that I took in honor of the day.
I think the kids are excited, Haylie told me that Jackson was taking a bath. He wants to look his best when they meet him.
And Daddy can't wait to meet his second son. I think Jackson was telling him he felt the same way.


Ranel said...

You look beautiful for being 40 weeks. I like what you did to your hair. Is it frosted or is that just the picture.

Call me tomorrow after your appointment.
Love you Mom

Christina said...

That is something to celebrate! I hope Jackson makes his appearance soon -- I can't wait to see him.

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