Friday, September 14, 2007

WHY ME!!!!

This real life story is dedicated to Hayley and Brittany, my spider killing friends, where were you when I needed you!!!

So I started the day similar to that of the last few weeks. I got up showered, read...I got Lauren up and she spit up a very pathetic little bit so I went to get the wipes to wipe her up. As I reached for them my arm went through a spider web. Ewww. So I turned on the hood light above the stove so I could see better. There was a spider web from my hood fan down to my purse. As I looked inside there was a huge web, like there was no chance I was reaching in there. By the looks of it you would think that I hadn't moved my purse in a long time, but I just put it there around 8:30 last night and this was about 7:00 this morning. So I got our cob web catcher and cleaned up as best I could without touching my purse. I am so glad the Lord gave me at least one boy.

So bravely I asked Logan to look in my purse and pull everything out slowly. He did it with no problems. Finally I hear him say "There is a big Spider in here" I was not about to place my face over a spider that could spin a major web so quickly. (On a side thought, now I understand how Charlotte could do those fancy webs over night. Spiders are talented! I should have checked for a message.) So I reached over and took a picture to make sure Logan wasn't teasing me (I know he is 4 how would he know how to tease me at my weakest moment). It looks fake but let me tell you it is REAL. So I picked up my purse and threw it outside. The contents spilled out but no spider. So I picked it up and through it again. (This, ladies, is why you should never spend too much money on a purse!) Finally it came out. Here is the kicker...are you was already dead. I didn't want to chance it so I grabbed Hannah's Flip Flip (or sip-slop as she says) and smooshed it again. So my guess is that I killed a dead mommy spider who just hatched millions of baby spiders. Thank you Charlotte's Web for educating me on this matter.

And to add to this lovely post this is what was happening on the wall right in front of me:
This picture is for Logan who gets a nickle for saving my life!

Some of the pictures are hard to see, if you double click on them it will show you a big preview!


Aluwicious said...

You are hilarious. A big spider spun a web between mine and Jared's cars the other day. That was annoying and I hopped into my car with a face full of web.

Brittany Doll said...

Thanks for dedicating that to me!! You know that I would have gotten it for you. And you wouldn't have to pay me a nickle!

Rebecca said...

OH YUCK! I would have been freaking out, calling Mike to come home! LOL (I have terrible arachnophobia.) I couldn't watch your video....

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