Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The SUITE life of Lauren

OK I am sure the McKissick family was a little dissappointed to waste a Luxury sweet I mean Suite ticket on me and Lauren, but once in a lifetime, it was great! The McKissick Family gets a Luxury Suite once or twice a year and had two extra tickets. So my friend Brittany and her hubby were offered two tickets to the A's game on Saturday. She thought I needed a break from my kiddos and invited me to go with her. Lauren tagged along. I am not the biggest baseball fan by anymeans but I do enjoy going to the games, and this is totally the way to go. Lauren is definitely finding out what the finer things in life really are and the A's just didn't cut it this game, but the company was great. We didn't bring the A's any luck they lost 6-1 to the Detroit Tigers. Lauren enjoyed her chum Sophie but missed her other good chum Alexandra. Here are a few pictures. Stay til the end to watch Jeff dance...or not!

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