Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A quick funny!

We were walking home from dropping Miranda off at school and this person was pusing some computer monitors to the school. They happened to be Mac monitors. Logan says "Mom look at those coolputers." I though it was soo funny since they are pretty cool looking. Then as the conversation progressed I realized he calls all computers "puters" so he was saying "cool puter."

Yesterday logan was playing out in his favorite "back to nature" location...our backyard. He came in crying saying a bug bit him. We have seen black "weedows" as he calls them so my first question was "is it a spider?" (that would be my luck see preious post on spiders!) He said no and tried, through MAJOR tears and drool, to explain what kind of bug it was that bit him. After he calmed down he said "it was a scorpi! A scorpi bit me." To those of you who are not familiar with Little Einsteins, there is a video The Legend of the Golden Pyraimid that has a scorpion in it Logan keeps hearing scorpi. He pointed out the bug later and it was a pincher bug.

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