Monday, September 17, 2007


Ms. Lauren is four months today!
We went to her doctor's appointment and I have a long skinny kid. She weighs 13lbs 8oz and is 26" long. The doctor seemed a little concerned but she says Lauren must be doing OK. They will definitely be interested in her weight the next time. She is in the 99th percentile for height but is in the 49th percentile for her weight compared to babies in her age range. For her length though, she is in about the 5th percentile. She also got three shots and an oral vaccination. Other than that she is completely healthy!
In honor of her turning four months I will now commence with the bragging session. Lauren is a dream baby. She sleeps through the night. She talks and squeals with glee. She just started rolling over from back to tummy. She scootches all over the place. This little girl is so sweet I love her very much. She is the perfect calm after the storm I call the twinados! Lucky for the cuties that came before her are so darn cute with equally wonderful personalities...well...keep in mind their ages!

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Brittany Doll said...

What a cute picture. She has thinned out! Alexandra has a Dr. appoinment in 2 weeks. I'm sure her "stats" will be about the same as Lauren's.

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