Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's a kid kill bug world!

Yesterday I decided it was HIGH time to pull some weeds. I decided since some were taller than our fence we must do something about it. Unless you can recommend a weed fairy?! I took a few pictures, but the fun part was watching all the ticked off bugs. Since I ruined their home they were out in droves. The first bug they came across was a grasshopper, this was pre-camera. I am sorry to say it will never see its family again. I am not exactly sure how it got contorted in such-a way. There were lots of spiders, to many of you this may come as a surprise, I didn't scream. Only once did I jump and tell the spider "you I can't handle" and kicked him back into the dirt. (He may have been another casualty of gardening!) It was fun watching the kids enjoy the bugs. I got a few pictures of Logan and Hannah holding them. They found this green caterpillar. They finally let it go back to its family that is what the three are looking at.As I was pulling weeds and sweating I mean glistening, I realized the benefits of gardening. It is therapeutic cause you get to beat the tar out of something, it is exercise, because of all the bending, pulling and standing up, my legs are feeling it today, and I can see why so many gospel messages are tied to gardening. As annoying and unsightly as weeds are, they teach alot of gospel principals! It definitely made me realize the longer you don't weed the worse things get. We all have weaknesses but we have to work on them when they are small or they will get huge and it takes more work and sweat to get rid of them!

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