Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The first day of school

...two weeks ago.  Going back to school is actually a time I look forward to, I will miss the fun laid back times of the summer, but I am a person who does not follow a schedule AT ALL unless I have to, so when school comes around I pretty much need to be on top of things.

The first day of school was so much fun.  Haylie and Hannah started kindergarten, and boy oh boy where they more than excited.  They have two really good girl friends, one that we have been walking to and from school with for a year (she has an older brother) and the other parks by our house and the four girls walk in together.  It is one of those sites that are PRICELESS!

Here is how it went down on our first day, we were done and ready on time, that included breakfast showers, lunch/snacks!  Lauren was following everyone around asking where her school bad is, where her school lunch is, it was pretty pathetic.

We went out front and Jeremy went to take a couple of pictures and shockingly enough the batteries were dead, which reminded me that I saw that bizarre red flashy battery thingy the other day, it didn't register until then!  Luckily our neighborhood friend was better prepared.
Logan, second grade, Miranda, 4th grade and Austin 3rd grade.
We all walked to school it looked something like this:
Then before we sent the girls off we got one last picture.
Riley Jo, Hannah, Haylie and Brooke our kindergartners!
And because Lauren was so left out we took one more.  She thinks she is a big girl now and doesn't understand why she isn't going with them.

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The State of Our Family said...

The twins are in kindergarten!? Holy smokes!!! How exciting! Hey, that means you just doubled your amount of kids in school! :)

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