Friday, September 10, 2010

CD Federal Rocks!

Every year CD Federal Credit Union does a membership drive.  It is an opportunity to reach out and gain new members as well as current members to come together.  They do a new theme and this year was no different.  It was a street fair theme.  They had carnival games,
 a petting zoo,

face painting, raffle prizes, snow cone machine and a chance to go into a cash cube to grab as much money as you can.  Oh and the best part, I didn't have to cook dinner because it was free too.  Catered by Lumpy's Diner in Antioch.  Woot! Woot! 

And the even more best part is the Dunk Tank!  Every year we get the opportunity to dunk Jeremy.  Last year his mom hit the target (She's got a mean arm) and got him good.  This year we almost missed him.  He stayed a couple minutes longer so the kids could push the button and watch him splash.  Following Jeremy were 3 other board members, one super crazy one wore his Superman costume.  It was fantastic!
It is always fun and games at the carnival but we seem to have left out a carnival must...vomit.  Yes let me repeat vomit!  Everything was going swell then I look at Lauren and notice her shirt was all wet.  She had just had dinner so I though she spilled her drink on her.  Then she lets it fly luckily outside the petting zoo.  I rush her to the bushes where she proceeds to empty more contents.  She seemed to be finished and so we were trying to find the best escape route.  Turns out she was not done.  Jeremy had to figure out how to clean up and I had to walk around the block to get the car, while juggling prizes and balloon animal and gather my little chicklets tomake a quick getaway.  I have no problems saying ti was a fluke and most likely related to the petting zoo, but I am a little biased that way. 

I actually think the CU should pay us for making the experience even more real! ; )  I love our Credit Union!

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