Monday, September 13, 2010

I have a testimony...

I love my little girl, even when her choices bring me to tears of being overwhelmed.  As I was sharing of her latest shenanigans it I thought, with out a doubt I have a testimony that our Father in Heaven loves each and everyone of us.  He wants us to be the best we can be.  I know that he will give us weaknesses, and challenges, but he will give us strengths to overcome those weaknesses.  It may seem I am totally going out in left field relating these two but as I sat and thought about it I knew my Father in Heaven loves Lauren.  If he didn't he wouldn't have made her so darn adorable with a pretty awesome personality.  If it wasn't for these qualities I am not sure I would be able to count to ten in those moments when counting is that last thing I really WANT to do!

She is the proof that He exists and loves us too!  She nearly gave me a heart attack at church be escaping or so I thought.  I was circling the building with another mom looking for her with Jackson in tow.  Luckily it all turned out well but this girl is something else.  I was trying to keep my emotions in check and explaining to a friend what happened.  "It's Lauren, it is ALWAYS Lauren.  I love her, she is awesome, but she may do me in!"  She said "Hasn't your mom ever said 'I hope you get one just like you?'"  With all honestly and to the best of my rose colored remembrance I said "No, I actually don't think she has, I was a good kid until the end of high school!"  So maybe Lauren is my reward for an amazing childhood?!  She then reminded me not too long ago when I worried because she wasn't walking or talking heading into her 18th month.  Now I realize she was just studying extra hard so she could get great use of these skills now!

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