Sunday, September 12, 2010

I took a Time Out!

Yesterday I left for an overnight trip to Sacramento with just a couple of girl friends and one preciously adorable baby boy.  We attended a woman's conference called Time Out for Women.  It is an inspirational conference geared to uplift and encourage woman.  There were so many fabulous speakers, but I wanted to focus on one in particular.  Her name is Mariama Kallon
She is from Africa.  She told us of her horrific past that involves so many kinds of awful memories for her, yet she still has an amazing outlook.  It was such a shock to hear these experiences and realize they happened in 1998-1999.  We are so blessed and protected here in the United States, I get so wrapped up in little things like 6 kids in 2 bedrooms.  After listening to her stories I can't complain about anything!

She just happened to come into contact with a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and was introduced to the church.  She was so funny she explained that for the services she was used to, they were loud, there was dancing, lots of she was very surprised when she attended the LDS church for the first time.  It was quiet, the music was soft, everything was strange for her.  Eventually she was baptized and became a member of this church.  She eventually wanted to "be with the white man and wear that black tag" (aka missionaries).  There were a few others that got called on missions about the same time.  They all got sent to various places in Africa, she on the other hand got sent to Salt Lake City, UT, Temple Square.

When she left on her mission she had the clothes on her back and a very simple hygiene kit (that was provided by the LDS church Humanitarian Aid).  Her family was all gone (right before leaving they found a nephew and a step sister who were still alive).  The statement that caught my attention was when she said "Why would I need anything else, I have my best friend here in the scriptures!"  That struck me.  What if we all felt that way?  The way we feel about a best friend, the person who will give great advice, who is consistent, who is always reliable and readily available.  Who tells us we are loved so much.  It was so appearant that to her the scriptures fullfilled all of the above.  I couldn't help but have a pang of guilt and jealousy that I have never thought of the scriptures that way.  I know in all things it really is about how you personally choose to view life, but I know from this day I want to view the scriptures in that same way.  I have all the best friend I need in the scriptures.  That makes everyone else just a super big bonus!

There were so many messages that I wish I could have recorded them all.  It is such an awesome event, especially when you are surrounded by fabulous women, who are just as imperfect as I am.

I found this little clip of her speaking.  It definitely doesn't do her story justice but you will for sure see the joy that radiates from her!

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Ranel said...

Have to say I feel about the scriptures just as this woman does. In fact it is one of the reasons why I haven't gotten the blankets done. I love to be with Him!!!! Can't get enough of Him!!! He is so awesome!!! AND SO GOOD!!!

I love that your hunger for Him grows. I love seeing what has happened to me, happening in you. The dimensions of Him are incredible and they never stop opening up like a rose.

Love you Mom!!!

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