Thursday, July 03, 2008

Midnight Madness

We have hopefully started a tradition. Since half the family is not available when the other half is we like to take the rare opportunity when we can get together and have a sleep over. The kids get to stay up late and watch movies and the adults get to stay up later and play games uninterrupted by the 8 pairs of young feet. So we took the journey out to Aunt Tamra and Uncle James awesome abode. They seriously have the coolest backyard. The kids got to play on their play structure and more fun was the slide!

I know it isn't easy giving up free time (plus both had to work the night shift the following night) but they were awesome hosts and fed us well. We even got blueberry waffles the next morning. It was lots of fun to laugh and hang out. We did come to the realization that Logan will never get tired of video games. The nice thing is that he really only needs to be able to watch them being played...for hours. So sharing is not that big of an issue for him. It is funny Ethan and Caleb, their twin boys, each have a friend, Ethan and Miranda play well and Logan and Caleb play well, Haylie and Hannah each have each other and Hunter taught Lauren how to use Legos as drums. By the next morning he did a great job of playing with the bubbles with Haylie and Hannah. I wish I had a picture of that!

Thanks for having us over we had a great time!

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