Thursday, July 03, 2008

Finally her check-up

We scheduled Lauren's 1-year appointment for July at 13 months. We were concerned that she wasn't eating well and getting too skinny. Who would of thought our big baby at birth would be so tiny...weight wise. The appointment got cancelled, which turns out to be a good thing. It got rescheduled for about 3 weeks later. A little frustrating at the time, but she started eating a lot better and bulking up, in a petite way of course. So I went in pretty confident that my only concern was that she wasn't cruising or walking or really had no desire to walk. They weighed her at 13.5 months the scale was teetering between 17.15 and 18 pounds. Turns out she is in the 2.87% for her weight and completely off the charts for her length-for-weight. Her height had usually been up to the 75+% and is now around the 55% Her head though is staying on the larger end! She is eating really well so I am hoping she will catch up soon. The doctor agreed that she is eating well and eating high calorie foods and is glad she didn't see her a month ago because she would have been extremely concerned and was glad to know that it was something that she just went through. Although she recommended the butter and oil addition for her food to chunk her up. While still too early to be concerned with her not walking she wanted to see us again at 15 months (August) to see Lauren's progress. If she is still not walking she will look into physical therapy. In the mean time she gets lots of floor time and a line of goldfish crackers along the couch to encourage cruising. The funny thing was that before yesterday she was starting to pull herself up but she would not lift a foot to move in either direction. Yesterday at the doctor's office I put her feet down and what did she do? She started lifting one foot at a time. Then we got home and she was at the coffee table and she turned around to the couch. Who knows having all these kids running around her must be so entertaining and crawling is quite efficient she feels she doesn't have the time to learn to walk and keep her balance. On a side note the doctor did say she is not locking her knees when she stands which is a good thing, if she did that would mean low tone and physical therapy for sure.

She is still not saying words but is mimicking some sounds. So that is another thing we will work on. This morning I was saying "Mooooooo" so she put her lips together and said "Mmmmuuu". Needless to say the doctor held off on the MMR shot to see if things catch up next month. We will see. As always Lauren is a pretty fantabulous kiddo. Her smile is contagious and as always been my medicine when feeling in a rut. She loves to play peek-a-boo and clap her hands. She especially loves following her big brother and sisters around. At her tender age it is so funny to see how cool she thinks she is because she hangs with the big kids. Logan loves to run from her and Lauren will follow and "scream" and giggle while speed crawling after him.

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smith scratch said...

Lauren is such a doll. Hang in there, sounds like she'll catch up quickly.

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