Monday, July 28, 2008

Embarrassingly obsessed

Ask Jeremy he will confirm that I am a little well a lot obsessed with Twilight. It is awesome. I know it isn't for everyone and if you don't care for it that is OK too I can still like you and respect your opinion. Today a spoiler was revealed. It was just what I wanted to know but I am absolutely positive it will not ruin the book as it happens very early on she states. If you are interested click here. Again WARNING it does give away a little of the book! Or you can wait the four days until you can read it yourself.

I do love this story and I love the way she explains the love of Edward and Bella. She does it in what I would think of as a respectful way not lustful or dirty. I know lots of people think "Wow, if I could just find my Edward" well I am lucky enough to have married mine. Like Edward he probably pursued me against his better judgement but he would never regret it even on the hormonal pregnancy days, which has been most of our marriage!

So just so Jer doesn't get a complex I will state why my hubby is as good as Edward if not better!
  • The obvious, Jeremy warms me up , he is never cold, or at least I have never witnessed it!
  • We get to be together forever no blood/biting involved and we both get to keep our souls! (Remember Edward is a vampire!)
  • Jeremy loves to make homemade gifts and they are perfect for me.
  • He is always there to protect me
  • He spoils me
  • He loves me
  • His world revolves around me and the kids too
  • We can have kids
  • He sleeps...rather well I might add.
  • Sometimes he responds to my tears the same was as Edward does to Bella "Are you crying?"
  • I love the sound of his laughter
  • His voice puts me to sleep
  • He is WAY strong

Alright, I guess that is enough mushy for now but I wanted to let everyone know I would never want Edward when I could have Jeremy. Is is way better, plus if Edward really looks like the Edward in the movie...ICK! Not beautiful in my opinion! ha-ha!

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