Friday, July 04, 2008

Child Labor

A couple weeks ago we were driving home and we saw a lemonade stand. We took advantage of it. It was fun to pay the quarter and drink some lemonade. We even got to choose between pink and regular, fancy I know. From that moment on all Miranda wanted to do was have a bake stand. She decided lemonade had been done and she had experience in 1st grade doing a bake sale with her class. We decided to do it while family was in town. We planned extra well and of course not intenionally, we not only had family over but some good friends visited us from Utah. They generously bought some of our goodies. Miranda made $10.00 and didn't even have to go outside yet.
This is our cute neighbor. Her husband asked about advertising. I told him this was the initial investment once we gain some capital we are going to get us a sign spinner!

Haylie and Hannah loved putting the money in the box.
One thing we decided was that she had to give a reason for why she was trying to earn the money. We think spending money and knowing it is going towards a good cause is good. The girls we bought from said "I don't know" So we talked with Miranda and she kept saying "I want to buy Daddy dinner for our date night at the A's game ($1 tickets and $1 hot dogs)" I thought it was cute that she thought of him and I felt it was worthy enough for me to donate the time to bake the treats too. Of course when she was asked the day we opened for business she told our friends "I want to buy clothes!" not that this is a bad thing, in fact it is very responsible of her it just took me by surprise that she changed her mind.
Another funny thing was that Miranda was saying she was hungry or thirsty. She said she didn't want to go back outside it was too hot. She had been out there for about 3 minutes...maybe! I told her working is not always fun but if you want to earn money you need to just do it.
A few special thanks to the Jacobs, Murphys, Romers (both families), and our neighbors. Even to Aunt Tamra who stopped by in her patrol car. We sold a batch worth of brownies and Rice Krispie treats. Because of the heat they were served warm. Fancy that. It was a success, I am thinking of giving up my day job! Well maybe not my job pays well and the benefits are out of this world!

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Rebecca & Jeff said...

April! Great talk today! I think you make a wonderful use of your blog is sharing the gospel. It is fun to learn more about you and your family. Jeff and I look up to you and Jeremy so much. We hope our family will be as wonderful as yours! Thanks for your great example!

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