Monday, July 28, 2008

Midnight Extravaganza!

We have been trying to think of things that the kids can get one on one time with Jeremy and I. I cam across a Midnight release of the Clone Wars action figures. Although Jeremy is not into collecting these figures, I knew Logan would love it so Jeremy took Logan. He said it was worse than the day after Thanksgiving. There was lots of puching and shoving. Jeremy said he was stretching to grab a figure and was just inches away and someone took it! It is a good thing Jeremy is so tall he was able to stretch while Logan held onto his shorts. Jeremy worked so hard to look at couple figures he ended up getting them just as a reward for the hard work.
Just so you son't think we are bad parents we put Logan to bed at his normal time and then Jeremy woke him up at 11:30pm and took him so he didn't miss out on too much sleep. He loves his figures.

Here are a couple pictures from this random adventure: Note the empty display!

The Bad:

The Good:

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