Saturday, December 29, 2007

Visit from Oregon

Jeremy had a great friend growing up. His name is JonBoy. Since high school due to timing missions, marriage and moving we don't get to see him very much. This year Jon and his awesome wife Emily and their four children came to visit. Jeremy, Jon and Tim all were good friends so we had everyone over to our house for a couple hours. There was a total of 3 families, 6 adults, 12 children, 4 boys and 8 girls. Sometimes it is goo to not do the math before you plan something like this. We had a great visit it is always fun to catch up. Here is a picture of our kids and Jon's kids.

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Staci said...

Hey April. I wanted to tell you guys that I changed my blog address. Here is the new one:
Sounds like you had a pretty full house with Jon and his family! I'm sure it was good to visit with them.

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