Friday, December 21, 2007

A Great Life.

About a month ago Grandpa Ralph fell and had a stroke. He has not been doing so well since then. He was in the hospital for about a week, then he got came home for a day. It was too much work for Grandma June to take care of him, so he was moved to assisted living. Hospice was called to help care for Grandpa. He was then moved to an in-home assisted living place where he has been since early December. Grandma was able to visit him most every day. Last night he passed away.

I am so grateful for him and Grandma and for the example of goodly parents that they have shown me. They are also a great example of marriage. After Grandpa fell the first time he was in and out of the hospital fairly quickly so we went over there for Family Home Evening. We got to hear him tell some stories and share his testimony with the kids. I loved watching them sit there reverently listening to him Even Haylie and Hannah sat mostly quiet.

I wish I was great with words so I could pay the tribute he deserves. He is an amazing man with a strong testimony of the gospel. He always made me feel special when we had family gatherings. I am grateful that our kids will have some memory of their great-grandpa.

Logan will miss him. The other day we stopped by the house to drop some thing off for grandma to bring to grandpa. As we left Logan asked where Grandpa was. I told him that grandpa's body was getting old and in lot's of pain. I said that grandma could no longer care for him in all the ways that he needs, so grandpa is still close but he is in a home not too far away. Then the subject faded. You never know what the kids retain so I was surprised at the dinner prayer he prayed that granpa's body would feel better and he can live with Grandma June again.

I guess I am rambling, but know that we love him and will miss him.


Cheryl said...

Rambling helps us move past the grief. I'm so sorry for your loss, April. I found that even though my grandfather was very old and very sick, it was still hard to lose him --he was such an incredible man.

I hope your Christmas went well!

Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. What a hard time of year to loose a loved one. {{{hugs}}}

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