Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We had a great Christmas. We got to do all the typical things that we look forward to each year, although not in the same order. We watched all our favorite Christmas movies, although some have been debated as they are not REALLY Christmas movies but ones that happen t take place druing that time of year, for example The Cutting Edge...love it. It has Christmas and New Years so I have put it as one of those movies. (So Pthhhh to all you who argue!) The one that Jeremy always watched growing us was Scrooge. Amongst the typical ones like Miracle on 34th Street new and old. A first for us was White Christmas. I would label that as my all time fave now. (Thanks Hayley and Matt for introducing it to us!) It was fabulous. WE try to make it to the temple to see the lights and watch one of the performances. This year we watched a great Christmas musical montage. It was a sample of all the presentations the were happening over the following weeks. Then we went to Fenton's. Such a treat! We also make rollout sugar cookies with the extended family and save a few for Santa. Christmas Eve Jeremy and I make breakfast for his family. It is my favorite thing to do. The menu consists of Caramel French Toast, bacon or sausage, potatoes O'Brien, Scrambled Eggs, and orange juice. Then we got to hang out as everyone went their own way for the afternoon. For Dinner we went to Jeremy's Mom's house where we also do a Christmas Program. Everyone gets the opportunity to share something a thought, a story, a song, etc. I was so proud of Miranda she got up a sang Silent night all by herself. Her and Logan sang Christmas Bells. I played a game, it is a Right/Left game while telling the Nativity story. Jeremy told a story about a rusty violin being put up for auction, no one wanted to bid on it because of its looks. Then a man came and played it beautifully and the bids came and were high bids. Kind of like our savior. He makes us each valuable, and makes the difference between amazing and spectacular.

Christmas morning we had the traditional bearclaws and banana eggnog with Jer's mom and Chris. They stayed and watched us open our presents. Then we packed up and spent the rest of the day at Jer's mom's house, opening gifts, hanging out with the family and relaxing.

It was a great Christmas. I love this time of year and being able to feel closer to my Savior and the constant reminders to not only be Christ like but to remember the spirit of giving. That was our holiday in a nutshell.

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