Sunday, December 09, 2007

We saw Ho, Ho, Ho!

On Friday night we went to see Santa Claus. They all seemed very excited in line and said they would sit on Santa's lap. When it was time Haylie and Hannah froze. They were not going to get near him for nothing. We got Logan and Lauren on his lap...well you can see the picture. Haylie and Hannah were less than thrilled by who they call Ho, ho. To you other folk he is also known as Santa. It wasn't near as traumatic once they got to walk away. Here is the picture:

On Saturday we had our Ward Christmas Dinner. It was great. We got to experience a deep fried turkey for the first time. Holy guacamole is that good! The kids got to perform in the program.

They also got to see Santa and confirm what is wished for. Here are a couple of cute pictures: Please note we do not love Haylie any less than the other four. She saw Santa, started crying dug in her heals and high tailed it out of there! She did get a candy cane just like the rest of the kids.

Word of advice ask what the kids want from Santa before you go shopping, and wait until the last minute!!!

Miranda~originally wanted an Easy Bake oven...told Santa iDog

Logan~originally wanted Blue Lightening McQueen...told Santa Drums

Haylie~originally wanted whatever we, the parents, said...told Santa...well told us to tell Santa Winnie-the-Pooh

Hannah~originally wanted the same as Haylie...told Santa a baby doll.

Lauren~as always perfectly angelic. She didn't change her mind!

We are 2 for 5!

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Rebecca said...

How fun! Love your advice. I'll keep that in mind for next year...hopefully C and H will actually WANT to talk to Santa. :)

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