Monday, June 25, 2007

WIld Thang...

My grandma went for a ride with her son, my uncle, on his motorcycle. They came by and we took a few pictures. It was fun pretending we were all hot stuff. All bark and no bite! Oh well it was fun to be a little rebellious. Some show it off a little better than others, Nana and Katie...what is with the tongue thing. Just kidding. Thanks Robert for letting us all sit on your bike.

When I was a little younger than Miranda is now (or a little older than Logan) I have a picture of me sitting on the back of my uncle's bike. It was cool to have the same picture with my daughter minus the wonderful colors of the early 80's. I guess it could have been the lovely oranges and greens of the 70's. Anyways here is a slide show of some of my crazy family.

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Brittany Doll said...

Looks like fun!! Caden loved the music.

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