Monday, June 25, 2007

Change is in the wind

It has been a little hard getting the kids switched around and settled down into their new bedrooms. Last week we set up the new bunk beds where Logan, Haylie and Hannah will sleep. We haven't got Miranda's bed frame yet so she is a floater right now. Today we finally put the twins' mattress in their bed frame. So tonight was the first night they slept in their new bed. It was a little rough getting them to sleep but no more difficult than when they were in cribs, in fact I was quite pleased. I went in to check on them an hour or so later and found the girls all crazy like in their bed. Hannah is laying sideways on Miranda. It is Miranda's leg coming out at the bottom. Haylie meanwhile is talking up half the bed with all measly 24+ pounds of her. AMAZING!

And just so you know Logan was not bothered one bi by sleeping in his own bed. He was the first one asleep, and seemed to be content with the new sleeping arrangements. While the girls were crazy n the bottom bunk he looked very peaceful on the top bunk.

1 comment:

Hayley said...

I love the set up. The girls look so cozy all in the same bed. They will get used to it soon. I can see many slumber parties in the future.

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