Monday, June 18, 2007

Always have a spare...

I love my kids I really do...tonight Jeremy and a few friends are going to an A's game. I decided that we will have a kid friendly low dish meal. What can be easier than barbecue burgers and tater tots. So things are going great Lauren is still sleeping in her car seat and the rest of the kids are happily playing inside. As I am putting the cheese on the burgers the kids come out and play and like good mannered little children shut the door behind them. Can you see where this is going? As the cheese melts I go to get a plate and realize that all the doors are locked. That is right, tater tots are in the oven completely cooked and the burgers are on the grill with nothing to put them on. Miranda starts crying and says "See I told you daddy should have stayed home!" Sadly we have not, as of this post, given anyone a key to our house. I figure, well it is not a problem my mother in law lives about a two minute walk from our house, it will be cold cereal tonight and worst case scenario we hang out at her house until Jeremy gets home. Then I remember I have a sweet little one month old baby inside the house. Luckily we have great next door neighbors who happened to be home, I was able to call Jeremy and tell him to turn around. I can only imagine what the conversation went like when Jeremy had to tell a car full of guys that they had to turn around because April and the kids are locked out with the baby inside. They seemed to be good sports about it when he showed up. Our neighbors gave us a paper plate so the burgers were saved. The guys got here really fast so the tater tots, although well done, were not burnt and crispy on the outside and perfect on the inside. Oh and by the way Lauren was still sleeping peacefully when we opened the door. So my advice after this experience...make sure you have an accessible spare key!

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