Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Adults say dumb things too!

OK, I often share the funny things kids say, but as parents we sometimes have a lip of the tongue too, or a thoughtless moment. I had one I would like to share.

We have this really good friend. Jeremy and I were talking as he was reading their blog. I was commenting on how sad it was that his mom passed away when he was young and his dad is on his last leg. He himself is still young so to loose both parents before you are thirty is sad. Jeremy turned around and said that was a mean thing to say. I was confused, because his dad is an older man and health wise is not doing so well, they didn't expect him to live much passed Christmas. Then Jeremy kindly reminded me that his dad just had his leg amputated two or so weeks ago. He is literally on his last leg. Health wise he is doing good, my blunder was insensitive but it wasn't intentional. So I felt like a little kid speaking without thinking. Although it is a sad situation he married into a great family and has wonderful in-laws.

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