Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Funny quotes of the week

Logan was sitting at the table and asked "Why do we have Cabbages in our mouths?" I asked if he meant cavities and he said no Cabbages. So I asked what cabbages looked like and he described the filling Miranda just got in her mouth. So we got a little chuckle and embarrassed Logan.

Lauren was crying and Logan came to me in a concerned almost panicky tone and said Lauren is crying for her milk. Jeremy had been dying to ask this, he said "Where is Lauren's milk?" Logan without missing a beat said "In Mommy's milk thingies that hold milk!" I guess I have not been very modest while nursing.

I guess that is all for now. Life has been super crazy so I haven't had time to digest much and write about it. I can't wait until school is out...I guess that doesn't make life slow down, it just makes it hotter. Oh well.

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