Monday, June 21, 2010

Brookwood pictures!

We went to the park today.  It was Brookwood Park in Pleasant Hill.  It was my first time so I thought I would do a little review.  Pictures would be help, but I didn't bring my camera. (You can try this link then click on the bottom left little bubble at Taylor and Withers)

The park is in the hills so there are trees surrounding the park.  The down side is that there are no benches to sit on near the play structure.  Also there are no swings.

This park is probably great if your children are walking,  It is really not good for crawlers.   There was a basketball court and picnic benches, they just happened to be further away than you would probably like with little ones.  There is a great grassy area but it is up above the park so you can't really see the grassy area if you need to be at the play structure.  For older kids there are trees to climb and be a little more adventurous as well as a really little stream, but when watching little ones at the park, the adventure could be a little dangerous.

My opinion:
For 5 and up I think it is perfect.   For crawlers, I would suggest finding another park. For mixed ages I would suggest not going alone, then everyone can be happy and be supervised!

If you came to this park and have something to add please feel free to leave a comment!

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