Sunday, June 13, 2010

The story of the day...

Today was our Stake Conference.  Twice a year all the wards and branches (congregations), about 6, in our stake meet together and get the same leadership direction.  Our stake boundaries are kind of long and skinny so we actually hold two meetings, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Jeremy got to speak at both of them.  For the first one it was perfect, I got to stay at home, the kids ran free, albeit too free, but free nonetheless.  Then the second one came around.  I kept Jackson awake so he would sleep through the two hour meeting.  I even became "one of THOSE mothers" and put sleeping Jackson in a stroller, so he would stay asleep through the meeting.  Since Jeremy was on the stand it left me and my dear mother-in-law to keep 6 kids reverent though out.  The first 30 minutes were perfect.  Jackson stayed asleep, Lauren colored and the other four didn't have any problems.  Then Lauren got hungry, then thirsty, then cranky so I had to take her out.  After I sternly whispered at her I went to sit back down and I tripped over the stroller.  Which woke Jackson up.  So for the next 20 minutes I spent wrestling with Lauren and pushing the stroller, going to the bathroom and getting more frustrated with Lauren.  I brought her in a room and bear held her while she screamed.  I am not sure the spirit was with me at this moment, but I prayed for patience.  My goal was to be able to hear Jeremy speak and things were not looking good.  I keep wondering if the Lord is trying to teach me humility, but honestly I didn't think I would get to sit through the whole thing.  Together Jeremy and I have not sat through a whole Stake conference yet, so I didn't believe my kids were any exception to two hours being too long for the kids to sit still!  Maybe I think my kids are pretty awesome and that they can do it and I was being taught that my kids are like everyone else's.  So after near tears and frustration to the ends of my capability we made one last trip to the bathroom since Lauren was screaming "Poo-poo! Poo-Poo!" I asked her several times are you sure, and she said "yeth" so I took her, it was not a successful mission, back to my empty room I went.  I might have been pouting and stomping at this point but there are no witnesses that I am aware of so what I mean to say is, I walked back to my safe haven full of grace and poise, with the patience of an angel, and sat in a padded Relief Society chair wondering why couldn't I just be able to hear Jeremy's talk.  Lauren continued to scream in my ear.  The good part was that I just told her to sit in the chair next to me and she did, she actually stayed seated, she continued to scream.  Then she calmed down put her head on my lap and fell asleep.  She stayed asleep for the rest of the meeting and I got to hear Jeremy's talk and it was wonderful.  I will not lie I am so happy to be his wife, and I always love to hear him speak.  The second hour was perfect, well a little warm with Lauren asleep in my arms, but I heard the last three speakers in their entirety.  Towards the end Logan handed me his note book which he had written his favorite things.  Here is how he wrote it: the ( ) contain my editing

My faveourite
Drawing, writing, Playing with Legos, Movies, Star Wars transformers, Playing video games, Playing with Dad, Coloring Pictures, Playing, My friends, Money, gutairs (guitars), Lego sets, Reading, Quack Quack (his stuffed penguin he got when he was 1) When Gramal (grandma) and Uncle Chris come, Playdates, Bugs, Akchen figurs (Action Figures), going to my cusens (cousins), Origamy, BaskettBall, Baseball, going swiming, My Birthday, Christmas (7 days after his birthday), talking, being funny, My Brother, playing wiht fake wepens (weapons), Baking wiht mom, eating, Reseling (wrestling), sleepovers, going to gramals house, going to the Movies, Going to the CD credet Union (Jeremy's work), Doodiling (doodling), sleeping, Running, Hallidays (holidays), Dasert (dessert is Da-bomb!), dinner, lunch, snacks, Breckfest (breakfast), naps, long naps, Activities, Milk, Jiuce, Lego watches, finding legos, My best friend Aiden, spanesh (Spanish), Romote kuntrol things (remote control), Music, speshal nihgts (special nights-this is when one child gets to stay up late with just me and Jer and choose what they want to do, usually involving "da-sert!"), Books, Animals, Webkinz, Wii, My Mes (Miis from the Wii), Gifts, School, Being chaste by girls, Mom and Dad, Hoolihoops (Hoola Hoops), tricks, climbing, Gum, Blizzards (you know the ice cream kind from Dairy Queen), candy, Ice cream Cream (yes he put it in twice), going to the parks. 

When I read this a few things gave me reason to smile, like the food part, I am sure he was starving when he wrote this.  The part where he wrote that his Brother was one of his favorite things.  I am glad to know that special nights mean that much to him.  The nap, long naps, that was funny too.  My all time favorite was when he wrote Being Chaste by girls!  Of course he meant chased, but I thought how cool that he spelled it wrong and it means something virtuous and awesome.

According to the third definition of chaste means 3.pure, decent, or modest in nature, behavior, etc.  I hope he truly is chaste in all his actions.

After reading his list, I couldn't help but be in better spirits.  I was impressed with the amount of things on his list.  I was grateful to see how we don't have him involved in anything extra curricular, yet he still has over a page full of "favorite" things.  It also made me think how grateful I am for him and his example.  He is the best big brother that I could ask for these girls and even Jackson.  I know he loves them, and that makes me happy.

Except for the rough 25 minutes, it was a success.  I was so glad to hear the words shared.


Angie Miller said...

Oh, I appreciate this blog post. I thought for sure I was the only mother who dreaded stake conference. (I mean the sitting through it with kids part - not the messages.)

The State of Our Family said...

Maybe you should VOLUNTEER to speak at the next one! :) I wonder if anyone has ever done that before???

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