Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Funnies at FIVE!

This morning I was getting H & H their breakfast. I asked Logan what he wanted to eat. He said I am fasting. Not sure that is what he meant I asked again and he said I am fasting breakfast. (Meanwhile he continued to play Zelda.) I then asked if he started his fast with a prayer. He said "No, Cheese." Then a couple hours later he said "Mom I want breakfast." I reminded him he was fasting, and that he should wait until lunch. So he said "Then I will need two sandwiches." I would never ask him to fast at his age but it is funny that he thought of it by himself.

As I was taking my daily turn on Zelda I noticed Logan getting excited. Whenever I accomplish something like get a new weapon, beat a bad guy or succeed at walking a scary thin path, he gets a little giddy and gives me a kiss and tells me how good I am. If I am in the process of accomplishing a task that is "scary" like a fine path where I can fall or fighting a bad guy, he says I am going to my room until you are done. It is a very obvious love hate relationship!

Lastly, this is not Logan but either H or H, being a mom of twins has it's downfalls! I pulled up to the gas station to go for broke and fill 'er up. H asked what I was doing and I said I was getting gas...can you imagine where this is going...she said gas from your bottom? I never thought I was that obvious, but I guess the girls figured out young that everyone has it!

Now seriously I should act like a grown-up and get some stuff accomplished that doesn't involve me sitting down! On second thought it may scare the kids so I should just read!


Linda Doll said...

What a crack-up! Kids say the darndest things!! We just got back from seeing our new granddaughter in Idaho. Dylan, her almost 3 year old brother, was vying for attention and jumping on the couch with his shoes on. Sherman and I both asked him in our nice grandparently way to stop, but he just laughed and continued. Finally his mom asked him to stop and when he didn't, she asked him: "Dylan, don't you want to be good?" "No he responded, I want to be bad like Laman and Lemuel!" So much for reading Book of Mormon stories with your kids!!

Staci said...

April, I like your new blog layout. Very cute! You've got some sharp little kids. They don't miss much do they?
I love the taco bell cinco de mayo party!

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