Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ahh the proof!!!

Here's the story...Jeremy is pretty good if not excellent at anything he tries. One example is Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. He is pretty amazing. This was a first for a really long time that Jeremy and I were actually able to ride this together. That made it fun in itself. On the way in Jeremy said I'll tell you what if you beat me I will take you to Ruth's Chris for dinner and a movie. I edited a chick flick just to add insult to injury, also neither of us thought I could actually win. This was the result. Notice he ranked 49...I'm not sure if that is for the day or all time, either way impressive. Please note this is also unusually high, it was both our highest scores ever.
So the next day we rode again and I asked if the same challenge was good this time, confidently he said yes. I really just like the thought of a challenge, I had no confidence that I could beat this space ranger!

Do you see that I WON! still nothing compared to his 478,500, but still, not only did I beat him but by over 100,000 points! Wa-hoo. I know he doesn't really look like he's trying and I think it was his lowest scroe ever. If I didn't know how competitive Jeremy is I would have though he just wanted a yummy steak dinner.

So day three he humbly asked if he could at least go out a champ so we rode again. Of course he won but it was by a close margin so I left feeling good and he got his dignity back.

It doesn't matter he won two out of three I won a super fabulous steak dinner at Ruth's Chris. Now the challenge will be to find a good chick flick during the summer of great action movies! Suggestions welcome.

NOTE: By looking at the last picture I would say the rankings are for the day.

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Staci said...

Wow Jeremy and April! Those scores are very impressive. I can't believe we were both at Disneyland on the same days, Crazy! I won't embarrass myself by revealing my score on that game (I only played twice and I improved the 2nd game, I'll just leave it at that.) It was a nice surprise seeing you guys. I wish we could've visited some more. Our trip up to Pleasant Hill was pretty short and with all my siblings there visiting, pretty full of activities. We'll have to get together some other time. I'm glad you guys had a fun anniversary and Ruth's Chris, that sounds wonderful. Good luck with the pregnancy!

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