Monday, March 10, 2008

The thoughts that float through my head...

I was lying in bed between dream and reality. This idea popped into my head about relating parenting to the Book of Mormon in a comical kind of way. The first part would relate to Nephi and Laman. Oh how sibling rivalry is obnoxious and very real. I know my kids will not try and slay each other even though they have a slew of lightsabers, pirate guns and nerf shooters, amongst other weapons of pretend destruction. There are times when it would be so utterly satisfying to tie one up to ship and let them not be able to move. Or be filled so strongly with the spirit that they are humbled at your feet. Man what a power trip that would be.

I figured as I went through the Book of Mormon on a more personal and less spiritual level, I would be able to relate the little temper tantrums that my children and myself go through. May be it would be like the battle of the stripling warriors where these young men honor their parents and fight in order to protect and help keep the promises that their parents made, more importantly, to honor their righteous upbringing. Oh the day when my children will fight for me. I already feel that they help keep me on a great path. I can’t help but look at them and see my flaws and want to be a better person, but again be able to look at my children and give my self a good pat on the back because they are shaping up to be great kids, who love the Lord and besides the typical things of youth they are kind and considerate to others, well Miranda definitely is Logan is getting over that little gap between thinking of only myself to thinking mostly of others. The twins, well they are three so enough about that.

Then I felt how the final battle at the Hill Cumorah is like the last ditch effort that we have as parents to save our children. Teenage hood can be so difficult and the decisions that are made can be so detrimental to their future. So this final battle where there are pretty much only wickedness every where you look are fighting, the good is worse than the bad and the bad are still just plain bad. Then you have a small group of righteous people who face the inevitable result of being slaughtered, yet hold out hope that it will turn out good in the end. Obviously we know how that battle turned out but when we relate it to our children and that stage of their lives it is so important that we act as Moroni did and continue to fight for the righteous.

Sometimes you felt lead by the spirit to do things and others you wonder if that is the carnal you wishing and dreaming. I would love to have the creativity and insight to write a book, but I don’t feel passionately that is who I am. Maybe that would change. I am not sure why I am posting this but hopefully it will make you smile at least once, make you curious about the Book of Mormon, or maybe you will skim through and move on. Either way I love being a parent, trials and all, I love the Gospel, and I love how the Gospel meets you on the level you are on.

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Cheryl said...

Amen! I like some of your thoughts. And isn't it great to have the Gospel to help us be better parents?

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