Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hear a WHAT?

Alright no catchy title but I wanted to share this and who know maybe it will work for you and your family. Since it is spring break a.k.a. Easter vacation, Jeremy wanted to take the kids to a movie. So for Family Home Evening we talked about the still small voice, or Holy Spirit. We talked about how you need to be quiet to hear it's promptings, but you also need to act on what you hear. Jeremy used his loud voice to explain that when we are loud it is almost impossible to think much less hear that delicate little voice. Then we surprised the kids by taking them to see Horton Hears a Who. There is one point where Horton looses the little "speck" in a big pile of flowers. I leaned to Miranda and said how do you think Horton will find it and she said to be quiet and listen. I asked what is that like and she said the still small voice. There are other good messages in the film, but this is by far the most apparent. I love how Horton won't deny what he has heard and no matter what the cost he continues to do what is right.

Then after bedtime we watched August Rush. I really enjoyed the movie. It was about a kid who hears music in just about everything. One thing you noticed is that when he stood still to listen is when he could put the music together, so it what like a grown-up version of Horton, August hears a song which ends up being an orchestra!

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