Monday, March 10, 2008

My Baby Girl

I had to put a quick post of representation that my little girl turn SEVEN yesterday. Holy Smoke is time flying. I have to say these last few months she is going through such a growth spurt. I am not necessarily talking physical. This will be a moment to brag so if you are not in the mood to read about a mother's love for her daughter and the pride she feels skip this post.

Miranda is an amazing girl. She has such light in her eyes they sparkle with beauty and creativity. She sing non-stop and talks almost as much, Jeremy claims this is from him and I will concur! A few things happened recently and I could help but feel my heart swell. We were walking home form school and we were coming up behind a young boy who must have been learning how to drive his classy high powered electric wheel chair. It wasn't easy but he was doing a good job. As we were walking by Miranda looked at him with a cheery expression and said "Hi Alex." In a world where disabilities almost cause you to be shunned whether it is to not may eye contact or show pity or making sure you are not staring, she said hello and we stopped and talked to Alex. What a super kid he is and to think I would have walked right by. The other thing was yesterday. It was Miranda's actual birthday. We have a few traditions that we do like getting morning donuts, and maybe go out to dinner. Since it was Sunday we didn't get donuts and the morning was filled with the hustle and bustle of going to church. We came home and made a friend a cake since she has no family to help her celebrate with her kids. That night I was laying down with Miranda and asking her if she had a good birthday she gave the thumbs up. I asked if she missed out on anything and she said yeah, I wish we could have put candles on friend's cake. I though how selfish am I that was the last thing on my mind. I would have thought how unfair it would have been that my birthday was not as fabulous as it could have been.

I am not sure if either event causes you to see the pride I feel but my heart is full with gratitude that she is a part of my life, the laughter she brings to us and the caring & love she shows and the desire to be a great big sister.

Happy Birthday Miranda!


Cheryl said...

My #1 turns 7 years old next month, and so I understand what you mean. Happy Birthday to Miranda!

Hunter said...

As her aunt, I agree 100%. She is definitely a special girl. One of a kind.

Lacy said...

Happy birthday to Miranda!

As a side note, I sawy your comment and I totally understand you not watching The Office. I have been trying to convert my family for a while now and they don't really care for it, either!

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