Thursday, November 01, 2007

That was Wednesday this was Thursday!

Thursday we went to the Hannah Montana concert in Oakland. I think rumor has it some insane person spent over $1000 to see this concert. I kind of hoped they would call that person on stage so I can say you are CRAZY! Anyways it was fun. Miranda and I went with our super amazing friend Teri and her family. It was so fun watching Miranda dance and "rock out" to the music. I think she only hit her neighbor once while dancing. Here are two pictures taken from my cell phone.

You can't tell but that is the Jonas Brothers at the end of the catwalk.

This is the bus of Miley Cyrus in the background.

It was hilarious when we got home. Miranda ran in to her daddy and said: "Daddy I met Miley Cyrus." That alone was worth the price of a ticket. She was so thrilled. We are very blessed!

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