Friday, November 23, 2007

Just a quick note before I forget...

We all take turns saying the prayers as I am sure most families who don't have demanding 3 year olds who need to say it exclusively... sorry I got a little sidetracked. I love to hear Logan say prayers. I don't think there has been one yet that I haven't been laughing when Amen was said! Tonight he said...thank you for our family except for the mean ones." I am not sure where that came from, I am assuming I had been mean to him earlier.

The kids say and do funny things all the time. I think to myself I don't want to forget this moment. I wish my memory could take pictures and file them to when I need a reminder or just to recall a special cherished moment. Alas, I forget and the memory is gone. With little notes on a blog I can at least remember the story. So I have made an executive decision to even blog the one liners! SO THERE! ; )

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