Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Parenting books

I am at the stage where I am willing to admit I don't know what I am doing and I am not feeling confident that winging it will produce, confident, independent children. When I went to education week last year I went to a class by Randall A. Wright. It was great. I didn't buy his book 25 Mistakes LDS Parents make and How to Avoid Them but J bought it for "us" for Christmas last year. I read it loved it...and HATED it. It brought me to the realization I will have to be a parent to a teenager with teenage problems. I am so not ready for Teenage hood. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is worried about these years and how to make it easier for them to stand up for what they have been taught that is right.

The second book J got for my was by a wonderful down to earth speaker Merrilee Boyack. She is fantastic. I actually listened to her talk about being a better wife. I know it sounds offensive but it was great, it definitely helped me to respect the differences between husbands and wives. Anyways The Parenting BreakThrough is a great book about raising independent hard working children. I am only on Chapter 3 but it is fantastic. It is like sitting down and talking with her. I would recommend to anyone if you get a chance to see her go for it. Just a plug if you are looking for a great date in the Sacramento, CA areaTOF Couples will be here and she is speaking. She has another book called Strangling Your Husband is Not An Option

So this is what I am reading and learning about. Parenting is lots of hard work but it is OK to make your children work and do chores. One thing I loved from this book is she points out it is not our job to make them happy, that is their choice. Our job as parents is to shape them into great adults who can function well in society!

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Aluwicious said...

My parents made us do TONS of chores. Especially on Labor Day. No School, no hooray, it was work time. They took the holiday's name LITERALLY! Cleaning out the gutters and washing the windows. Jared's lucky I know how to scrub a tub so well.

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