Friday, August 31, 2007

Miranda is so PROPER!

Miranda has survived her first week of 1st grade. Her teacher is a dream come true, she is a perfect mix of strict but fun. We are two for two as far as great teachers are concerned. Miranda has already had a memorable moment. At school for behavior they get cards. Everyone starts on green, if they get a warning it goes to yellow, blue they get a "time-out" or benched as she put it, then red which means they are getting a note home, I think there is another color...well Miranda came home on Monday very excited that "half the class got flipped to yellow" and she was still green. Then Wednesday rolled around. The schedule is a little different and I packed her a regular lunch. Turns out my slow eater ran out of time. She was not in line when lunch was over so her card got flipped to yellow. When she told me, she seemed OK with it, I was surprised. She later told me there is no crying when your card gets flipped, but she stopped it in her throat, all you girls know what that feels like. I asked what we could do about it, was she talking too much or is there a bell, etc. So Thursday was open house. The freakishly concerned parent with my serious "behavior" problem asked the teacher about the schedule difference to make sure it doesn't happen again. Miranda explained that she was still eating. So her kind (and I REALLY like her so I mean it) teacher said well you will have to shove your food in your mouth. Miranda responded dignified "I don't shove food in my mouth." So Ms. Teacher said well place it quickly in your mouth. When we asked her about it later that night she admitted how she responded. It was a fun moment. This is one of those times you are grateful to be a parent and have a great story to tell.


Hunter said...

Ahhhh, that precocious little angel is just fabulous. All of your children are just the perfect blend of both you and Jeremy. They are always a pleasure to be around.

Sirimewan Amaratunga said...

All the best to your Wonderful Kids

Amaratunga from SRI LANKA

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