Thursday, August 02, 2007

Catching up!

It hasn't been that long but there has been a lot going on the biggest and best news is that Jeremy graduated CUNA school with HIGH HONORS!
We drove down to LA last Sunday (July 22nd) and stayed with Jeremy's sister, Jami. It was fabulous. I think I will call it Hotel Murphy! Taylor, my much too grown up niece, loved playing with the twins. I think Hannah found a new best friend. These kids are growing up too fast. We went to Disneyland on Tuesday with out Jeremy. We were a group of 11, of which 6 were 6 or under. It was wonderful, I am so proud of the kids, most people wouldn't venture to Disneyland being so outnumbered by kids but they did a great job and made it a wonderful time. Then Thursday we went to the mall next to her house, I would move there just for the mall! We got home and got ready for Jeremy's graduation. It was great to be there when he found out he graduated with high honors. For the entire program he had three tests and 2 projects which took about 8 months to complete. For each you get a grade of passing, honors, high honors or highest honors. He got honors on one test and one project and high honors on the other three. He worked very hard and I am still beaming with pride. So in honor of his great accomplishment we went to Disneyland again on Friday and Saturday. We got to ride the Nemo ride which is super cool. Jer's mom and sister waited in line while we went and took the rest of the kids, minus Miranda who wanted to wait in the 2 hour line, on a few rides. It was an all around great time. As always there were some funny stories.

Logan didn't want to go on Space Mountain, so with his fascination with money, I offered him a quarter. His response was a firm negative. Jeremy then upped it to a dollar, still NEGATIVE! Then I offered him THREE quarters, because three is more than one! Sure enough he smiled really big and said he would ride it for three quarters.

Logan got to ride Soaring over California for the first time. It was cool I tried to explain the ride and what would happen, I told him it was magic. So the ride starts and he really thinks we left Disneyland. We got off the ride and he said it was super cool. He agreed that it was magic. I wish I had a video of his response. It is what taking a child to Disneyland is all about.

They have this Jedi Training Academy. Miranda was chosen to participate along with about 20 other kids. She was trained by a Jedi and his three padiwans. Then Darth Vader, Darth Maul and two storm Troopers came and attacked. Miranda got in line to fight Darth Vader. As soon as she walked up to him are camera memory ran out, we missed the whole thing! We do have a few pictures though. She activated her light saber and threw it across the stage. The Jedi used the force and said "you did not just see that" as he waved his hand. So she fought him then the Storm Troopers. She used one hand at a time and pushed the troopers using the force than two at a time. After she was done, we think she was supposed to sit down, but she got in the other line to fight Darth Maul too. She was amazing to get up there at all much less fight Darth Maul he was very scary looking. She was the star of the show. Anyways the Jedi's in training scared The Darths and Troopers away. They all received a certificate of graduation. Afterwards she was training her siblings and cousins in the Jedi ways.

This is all I can think of at the moment. I will put together a slide show which I will call the summer of cousins. We got to see the Murphy family a ton and also our cousins who live in Arizona, Ethan and Caleb, who are returning home today.

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Katie said...

Great story about Jedi training! One of our favorite lines in our house is "Your Jedi mind tricks won't work on me!"

Congratulations to Jeremy! (What's a CUNA?)

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