Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trunk or Treat

We had our Trunk or Treat last week and I have yet to post pictures.  I love getting requests for this here blog so you have any please speak up...or if you read this at all you can speak up.  Lucky for you I really don't mind blogging to myself, hee-hee!  But Christina this is for you!

Miranda was a Candy Corn Witch, Haylie was a Butterfly Fairy Witch, Hannah was a Ladybug Witch and Lauren was...Tinkerbell?
 As you can see I had the dress idea in my mind and we went and bought fabric.  They chose their colors and after I was all done sewing they told me what they wanted to be.  I think Lauren said Mini Mouse.  So close?  Anyways the girls all loved their dresses and I had a blast making them.  While I didn't use a pattern I did use dresses that fit them to make a usable pattern.  All this for less than $30!
 Jackson was the most adorable Yoda.  Ideally he would have been strapped to Luke's (Logan) back but I ran out of time to create such a device.
 So we made do, here is Logan as Luke Skywalker from Degobah.  A stuffed Yoda is in his backpack.
 Please ignore me stuffing my face in the background.  If it makes it any better is was just a green salad and a roll.
And the full Candy corn witch, it was my favorite dress of the four...shockingly it was my last, so each dress improved.  And making a special guest appearance was Hunter my nephew...I mean Buzz Lightyear.  It was a fun night!

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