Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lonesome Dove

Every once in a while I will pay attention to the lyrics of a song, usually it is the music that catches my attention then I will start to pay attention.  Garth Brooks has a knack for story telling I would say.  One of my favorite songs in the car is In Lonesome Dove by Garth Brooks.

It starts out with a woman traveling in a wagon train that gets stranded.  A Texas lawman comes and rescues the wagon train and gets the train movin' she fell in love and stayed, in Lonesome Dove.  As a lawman he ended up dying after their first child was born.  This child grew up to be a lawman like his father.

This is the part that stood out to me and even brought out a little emotion:

Then one day word blew into town
It seemed the men that shot his father down
Had robbed a bank in Cherico
The only thing 'tween them and Mexico
Was Lonesome Dove

The shadows stretched across the land
As the shots rang out down the Rio Grande
And when the smoke had finally cleared the street
The man lay at the ranger's feet
But legend tells to this very day
That shots were comin' from an alleyway
Though no one knows who held the gun
There ain't no doubt if you ask someone
In Lonesome Dove 

The reason why I think it made me emotional was thinking about the love I have for my children.  While I don't even know how to shoot a gun (yes genius, I know you just pull the trigger! ; P).  You bet if it came to protecting my child I would do it.  While this woman had many reasons to hate this man, I can only imagine in her heart that she was not about to let this person ruin another precious life.

When it comes to raising our children today the world is down right scary.  It is so hard to let these precious children go out into the world where they have to learn, and I have to have faith that I am giving them the best foundation that I know how to give.  I have to watch at certain times as they are going to make choices that scare me to pieces.  Yet like this mother, I don't have to be right beside them I can try and protect them from a far.  In such a way that they aren't sure it was me, but they just know it was.  This is not to say I have that power on my own.  It would be through Heavenly Father answering the boat load of prayers I offer, pleading that I can be a good mom, that my children know how to choose right things, and most importantly they know without a doubt that I love them and I have their back any time it is needed.  How I love each and everyone of my kids and my husband as well.  I feel so fortunate to have so much love and laughter in my home.  If ever I received a blessing that mattered the most, this is it by far!

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