Thursday, August 19, 2010

Houseparty Rocks

I hosted my third House Party.  Just a quick  back ground, I have done a Ziploc one, lots and lots of great products, then I got chosen to do a Hasbro Game Night, where we got about $80 in games to add to our closet, including the just released Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know it!  If you want to try it out come over and play.  The most recent was a Boboli Pizza Crust on the Grill party.

They sent me 8 $5.00 coupons to purchase bobolui pizza crusts and I provided toppings.

We heated up the grills and started whipping up pizzas.  I made 2 Pepperoni, 1 cheese, 1 Lime Chicken and Cilantro (the recipe came in the party pack), so yummy! I made a BBQ Chicken Pizza, with bacon, tomatoes, green onions and a Garlic Ranch Sauce.  A meat lovers, pepperoni, canadian bacon and crumbled bacon then one with slice tomatoes and Basil over a Garlic Ranch Sauce.  The last one was pepperoni and was all that was left for the toppings.
It looks like I am the only one working but I totally put my guests to work.  All the ladies helped while the guys played with the kids.  I can totally see why the men typically take on the grilling responsibilities!
I am sure it was a good change for the Dad's too! Unfortunately, Jeremy's highlight had nothing to do with food (serious, I am not jesting!) early in the day he acquired a toy from his youth.  A Spin Jammer, it is a frisbee that has a little cone in the middle so you can spin it or catch it on your finger tip.  Jeremy said it is awesome for tricks!  I think he may be caressing it in the above picture

The most awesome part was the food tent.  It is awesome for BBQ's I think all the ladies would have traded their super cool Boboli reusable totes for this bad boy! (It is the little red tent over a pizza.)

Over all I think it was a success.  Thank you and Boboli!

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Hayley said...

You are so much fun. I really enjoy hanging out with you and all of the fun new things you get me to try. Thanks for inviting us. We had a great night.

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